Sunday, February 19, 2012

Study, Study, Study

Well, I really thought that I would be a bit more well rounded than I am... not working, I thought I would be doing alot more crafting. However school is really taking alot of my time. My youngest son, Frank, said "Mom all you do is study!" I guess he is correct, because I didnt even make Valentine cards!
 However, school is going good, I have all A's so far. One class in particular is kinda hard...Speech and Hearing Science...
 I did cut out burlap banner pieces, I intended on it being a valentine project, but I missed that deadline! Maybe I will just make it for my craft room and spell out "CREATE"...I will post pix when I am done! Since it is cold and rainy here I think I will work on it tomorrow.
 Goodnite dear blog!
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