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 LifeSimply is a creative journey into the world of art and crafts, exploring new and different products, learning new techniques, making pretty things (hopefully)...

I am Paula, wife, mom, nurse, student..and crafter extraordinaire!

On my way to Hobby Lobby...again!

I love creating... the hands on experience
 of making something, anything, makes me feel alive
 and brings a sense of peace to my hectic life.

You know, my favorite thing as a child
was a new box of Prang Crayons...they smelled so wonderful!

For many years. my creativity has been channeled into raising my 6 boys....
oh, I would paint a bookshelf or make a card now and then, but mainly I turned my crayons over to my kids and focused on "creatively" managing life on a budget!

Well, look out world, cause I gotta brand new set of crayons!

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  1. Love the bluejeans pocket journals "WHAT A CUTE IDEA" as always, you do a fantastic job!

    Love it,


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