Monday, June 9, 2014

Patriotic Banner: Let's hear it for the red, white, and blue!

I love red, white, and blue!

I am reaching back a ways for these July 4th projects.
My Aunt Jane and I made these 2 summers ago,
on one of our craft days! 

This single banner was fun to make,
 I used scraps of red, white and blue paper from my 
scrap pile, white ribbon gathered for the center;
The "Bless the USA" and American flag
 are from a paper crafting kit from Michael's...
I don't recall the brand.

My Aunt Jane created this pennant banner!
I love the colors she chose, reminds me of summer days,
 faded blue jeans and bandannas!
My Minds Eye pennant banner chipboard makes up the base,
rosettes from blue and red paper,
silver glittery chipboard letters with more
of the patriotic accents from Michael's finish the project perfectly!

Looking forward to creating a few more fun 
Fourth of July decorations for this summer...
We purchased a new BBQ pit... 
 I can't wait to grill steaks, make homemade ice cream,
 and dance around the yard with sparklers!

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