Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Modeling Paste Tutorial

Today, I am going to give a tutorial, using modeling paste,
 to create easy home decor pictures.

  • Modeling Paste
  • Plastic Stencil
  • Canvas
  • Plastic Palette Knives
  • Assorted acrylic paints
  • Sponge brush
  • Spray water bottle
  • Rag


For this demonstration, I am using an 8x8 flat canvas board, which will rest on an easel for display. Later in the project you will see an 11x14 regular artist canvas, which is what I usually utilize for this type of project. A flat wooden surface would also do well.

1. Position stencil over canvas, you may secure the stencil with tape.
 However, this project is meant to be a little messy, so I usually skip this step! 

2. Using Palette knife, scoop small amount of modeling paste,
 and gently begin to apply to open stencil areas.
Thickness is personal preference,
I like the central object thicker, and surrounding objects thinner (flatter).

3. Mist lightly with water to keep the modeling paste from becoming too sticky.
You can smooth out the palette knife marks a little here also.

4. Remove the stencil, gently so you don't tear the stencil.
Don't worry about making a mess or smears...

Here is what you have when stencil is removed.

Basically, there is no right or wrong way to do this project...the next step could easily be done BEFORE putting the stencil on...

5. Gently, scrape the excess modeling paste off the stencil and apply it around the edges of the canvas, as above.

You can see here that some of the canvas texture shows, which is fine with me...however, if you don't like that look, you can "prepare" the canvas before stenciling...simply apply a thin layer of modeling paste to the entine canvas, let it dry, then apply stencil and modeling paste for design.

6. Let entire canvas dry...then you are ready to paint!

I chose a "Buttermilk" white, brown, and dark yellow as my color scheme. I also mixed in a little "Glazing" medium...purely optional. The glaze medium makes it a little easier to blend the colors, and gives the colors a transparent quality.
7. I painted the entire canvas the "Buttermilk" white, then begin layering on the other colors for shading and defining depth.

I used several techniques to layer on the paint...sponge brush and my "paint rag"

Ta-Da! Here is the finished project!

 Lol, the picture looks kattywonkis because of my poor picture taking skills!
Also, it appears darker in this picture than it really is...

The entire project only took about 2 hours...and most of that is drying time!

Happy Summer Crafting!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Well...I changed the look of my blog yet again...

I think every blog I see is wonderfully done...except I've never been happy with mine.

I want it cool and serene...but not totally white...my go-to colors when creating are black and cream...so I chose to keep the polka dots but changed the title banner...I figured out how to add pages also! Yay...but of course they are still under construction, so don't expect too much yet!!

I need some constructive criticism, so Comment and let me know what you think!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Blue Jean Journal

In honor of Kara's birthday, my sons girlfriend, I made her a totally sweet journal,
with "pages" made from blue jean pockets!

I used pockets from 3 pairs of jeans, making 6 pocket pages. I printed photos of the couple on canvas and added those in between pocket pages, as below.

I distressed and inked the edges of the canvas, doodled or stamped on the edges,
 and added lines to the back for journaling.

Below are examples of the jounaling tags. Some are stamped with positive affirmations,
or just lined for future thoughts or to record events, travels, etc...

I painted the "backsided" of the pocket, some are smooth and plain for journaling,
 others are textured, with stamps, or as below, I added a pretty pink linen handmade flower
with vintage buttons as centers.

Here you see I also added a few of the tiny pockets from the front pockets of the jeans also...

Now...what am I gonna make with all the left over blue jeans???


Happy Fathers Day to ALL the Great Dads I Know!

Happy Birthday Kara!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

HELLO KITTY! Banner projects

Good Morning All!

I just love Hello Kitty. What can I say? If I had my own little girl, everything would be Hello Kitty in my house! But alas, I must restrain my Hello Kitty-ness to my granddaughters!

I made this Hello Kitty banner for my spitfire granddaughter, six year old Desy. She shares my love of Hello Kitty!

 Here, in these two pictures, you can see some of the details. The Hello Kitty Cutouts are from a Big Shot die (I got on sale at half price!), the papers are My Minds Eye, and October Afternoon. I also made flowers from vintage children's books, using vintage button for centers.

 The glitter letters are from Michael's, as are the chipboard butterfly.

I had a really good time making this ultra girly banner for my beautiful granddaughter!!

Now on to the boy stuff!!

As you can see, this banner is for Zeryk, our one year old grandson! He has just started walking!

 I used My Minds Eye products in this project, I love the muted blues and greens.

 However, my mother observed that it was a little bland...what do you think?

Do you think I should punch it up a bit with some brighter ribbons and glittery edging?

I did outline the glitter chipboard letters for more visibility.

Our oldest grandson, David (aka Pnut), loves trains.

 He has a gajillion miles of toy train track that runs round and round the house!

In this project I used papers I purchased on sale at Ross. The package had been opened, and resealed, but the product name is missing...the whole package is about toy Lionel Trains!

So perfect for Davids banner, huh!

One embellishment says "Never Question the Engineers Judgement" ...lol

Well, have a good summer day!
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


 As a little girl I loved dolls... baby dolls, Barbie dolls, and especially paper dolls. Paper dolls were inexpensive, and sometimes free (I am thinking of Betsy McCall in McCall's magazine and cutting the models out of the Sears catalog). They provided endless hours of fun, cutting the dolls and clothes out, and when I tore those up, making my own creations for the paper dolls.

 Sadly, none of my paper dolls survived my childhood. I hadn't really thought much about paper dolls until seeing them on Pinterest, where I now have a pin board dedicated to "Paperdolls". Looking back over the McCall's paper dolls really brings back memories. I always looked forward to visiting my Grandmother, who subscribed to McCall's, and raiding her new issues for "more Betsy's"!

 Recently, two of my Aunts have given me vintage paper dolls!

 In this picture below are my Aunt Dorothy's paper dolls she played with as a child

There are several Shirley Temple dolls, and even a little boy paper doll!

Below is a book of "Little Women" Paper dolls given to me by Aunt Jane! Little Women was one of my favorite books when I was a pre-teen! My Mother has a beautifully illustrated copy of
Little Women that she "loaned" to me when I was 12.

As an adult, I still love paper dolls, though until I received these gifts,
 I hadn't realized that is what I have been doing...playing paper dolls!

With my Pink Persimmon stamps of the little girl and boy, plus the Lottie doll stamps, I have been stamping my dolls, and restamping on patterned paper to cut out their clothes, and then using the paper dolls on cards, banners, tags, etc!

Here are my Lottie Doll paper dolls, along with my childhood china doll

I received this china doll as a gift from my Mamaw and Pappaw Silvernail, as you can see her toes are chipped, because I played house with her many hours under our backyard fig tree

Here is the Lottie Doll stamp set from Pink Persimmon, you can then go to their website and download the body and dress pattern. And you can make all the paper dolls and clothes your heart desires!!

Paper dolls

Monday, June 4, 2012

Re-purposed Vintage Baby Dress


While searching through my favorite thrift store for vintage embroidered pieces, I found a very old little girls dress. It was only 3 dollars, made out of dotted swiss, with petite lace trim and I just had to have it! I brought it home and put it with my fabric scraps, thinking I would re-purpose it somehow.

Then while browsing Pinterest, I saw a little girls dress displayed in a book paper covered frame! It was so darling, so I hopped over to the originating blog to get a closer look. The piece was done by Karen Bailey of Todolwen.blogspot.com. You will have to stop by and check out her blog, it is so beautiful, and filled with luscious eye candy! http://todolwen.blogspot.com/search/label/baby%20dress

Basically, the "frame" is an 11x14 artist canvas, turned backwards! Ingenious!

Karen papered hers with old sheet music, and old book pages, but I did mine in My Minds Eye papers, the outer "frame" is done in paper that looks like book print, the inner section is done with paper to mimic old wallpaper.

I only had gloss medium, and glossy just didn't go with the look I had in mind, so I put a light coat of whitewash over the piece.

 I fashioned a hanger for the dress out of an old wire coat hanger, and decorated it with a sweet jeweled piece from Michael's Recollections brand.

I really had fun making this piece! And best of all, the little dress can now be displayed and enjoyed!

I am thinking, I might dig through my boys baby clothes and see if I have a boy outfit to place in a frame like this! I think the two together would be cute in my craft room wall!!


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