Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Best is Yet to Come!

Good Morning All!

I just wanted to show you a few of the things my Aunt Jane gave me yesterday during our first (of many to come) craft day!
 Here is my haul! Man all kinds of stuff I love, but didn't have...maps, postcards, stamps, monopoly pieces...even ration stamps!

As you can see, "Enter Text", I tried to add a watermark, but couldn't get it to work correctly...I will keep on until I figure it out, lol!
My Aunt and Uncle have a load of old postcards! I chose a few I really liked, some are very old, with postage marks and spidery handwritten messages!

Here are a few of the old maps, most are from National Geographic magazines! I am very excited to have my own stash of maps, because Joseph (my 16 yr old son) has a whole box of these maps that he refuses to let me craft with!

There are several wax paper bags filled with old  postage stamps! Love, love, love!                      

Here are reproduction photos, I know exactly what I am going to do with these! You will have to check back to see!
Most of the above items were saved from my Grandparents belongings,
Nettie Bell and William Silvernail.
The Silvernails owned a dry cleaning business, and my grandfather picked up the most amazing things during his delivery route! They loved everything antique, their house "tinkled" when you walked through it, because of their cut glass and crystal collections.

We had such fun!
 My Aunt Jane and Uncle David Chris are both artists. They love all things neat and vintage.

 My Uncle Dave works with wood, carving images straight from his imagination! Amazingly lifelike in every detail, human forms and faces, animals such as whales and flounder, all the way to whimsical and fantastic hot air balloons, and Mr. Toad in the cutest clothes ever!

Aunt Jane, on the other hand, works with paper, pen and pencil, fabric, paint and glittery objects to create mixed media pieces, altered books, quilts, and Artist Trading Cards among a whole bunch of other creative endeavors!

The Best is Yet to Come

Here is the card I made with some of the items, in the close up you can see the old postage mark, 1941!, the red stamps, and the buttons came from my grandparents dry cleaners! I can just imagine the clothes the buttons came of off, blouses, ladies dresses, coats, and work uniforms!

I named it "the best is yet to come", because my Aunt and I have many more craft dates planned.
Also, super cool!, my Uncle has promised to teach me to solder!



  1. What wonderful are going to have many hours of fun with all your goodies!!! Love the card with the buttons and old postcard....sooo cool!!!!

    1. Thanks for checking out my project and goodies!

  2. Wow!I love what you did with your card, Paula. I'll have to destash some more. Thanks for all the comments and compliments. We really enjoyed having you and look forward to more playdates! Love you, Aunt Jane


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