Thursday, June 7, 2012


 As a little girl I loved dolls... baby dolls, Barbie dolls, and especially paper dolls. Paper dolls were inexpensive, and sometimes free (I am thinking of Betsy McCall in McCall's magazine and cutting the models out of the Sears catalog). They provided endless hours of fun, cutting the dolls and clothes out, and when I tore those up, making my own creations for the paper dolls.

 Sadly, none of my paper dolls survived my childhood. I hadn't really thought much about paper dolls until seeing them on Pinterest, where I now have a pin board dedicated to "Paperdolls". Looking back over the McCall's paper dolls really brings back memories. I always looked forward to visiting my Grandmother, who subscribed to McCall's, and raiding her new issues for "more Betsy's"!

 Recently, two of my Aunts have given me vintage paper dolls!

 In this picture below are my Aunt Dorothy's paper dolls she played with as a child

There are several Shirley Temple dolls, and even a little boy paper doll!

Below is a book of "Little Women" Paper dolls given to me by Aunt Jane! Little Women was one of my favorite books when I was a pre-teen! My Mother has a beautifully illustrated copy of
Little Women that she "loaned" to me when I was 12.

As an adult, I still love paper dolls, though until I received these gifts,
 I hadn't realized that is what I have been doing...playing paper dolls!

With my Pink Persimmon stamps of the little girl and boy, plus the Lottie doll stamps, I have been stamping my dolls, and restamping on patterned paper to cut out their clothes, and then using the paper dolls on cards, banners, tags, etc!

Here are my Lottie Doll paper dolls, along with my childhood china doll

I received this china doll as a gift from my Mamaw and Pappaw Silvernail, as you can see her toes are chipped, because I played house with her many hours under our backyard fig tree

Here is the Lottie Doll stamp set from Pink Persimmon, you can then go to their website and download the body and dress pattern. And you can make all the paper dolls and clothes your heart desires!!

Paper dolls


  1. hey there! just saw your comment on my blog, thank you! Glad you commented, otherwise I would have missed your nice blog! I used to play with paper dolls as well, had a set from Sarah Kay when I was small, I really loved that! Great idea of making the paper dolls yourself, never even thought of that!
    Greetings from -rainy- Germany :)!

  2. Hi - I came over from the comment you posted on my blog. Love your post. Betsy McCall was a favorite of mine, also. My aunt allowed my cousin and I to play with her Dione quintuplets paper dolls - I wonder what happened to them? And, yes, I guess I do still play with paper dolls in my art pieces, though recently I have become enamored with Frozen Charlottes.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  3. That's so sweet Paula! I remember playing with paper dolls for hours as a little girl. It's sort of sad that paper dolls {in my eyes} isn't something that these younger generations will have a respect for... loved this post!

    1. Thank you Kimberly! I am in the process of making copies of my Aunts paperdolls for my granddaughters. I am hopeful the will like playing with them!


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