Friday, November 9, 2012

Taking a break from Studying!!

Hello Blog Friends!
Busy semester, mid terms are I took a craft break
 Here is what I have been up to...
 I created this soldered charm with my Grandmothers button collection.
I slid it on a simple leather cord, and wear it every day.

 These charms show my learning progression, soldering is fun, but takes alot of practice!
The charm on the right you can see is soldered too thin, it has sharp edges and rough spots.
The middle charm is a little better, however you can't see the major problem in this pix, which is that I used too much heat, causing the foil to rise, letting the flux leak through,which ruins the paper.
The charm on the left, while not perfect, is much better. The solder is more evenly applied, which makes it smooth and shiney!

 These two pix above are of Christmas ornaments I am making.
I used several types of ribbons above, trying to see which looked best...I'm thinking
a trip to Hobby Lobby is in order for silver ribbon!
What do you think?

I have also been spending quality time with my 3 year old grandson and granddaughter!
Budding Artist

Some very creative play going on here, playing in the mud!

And picnicing at the park!

Luv ya!

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  1. Hi Paula, Just got caught up on your blogging. You are a terrific granny and your grandbabies definitely have an eye for color! I miss you and hope all is going well for you. Continue blogging, I really enjoy it. You are getting SO good with soldering. Terrific ideas. Love ya, Jane


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