Thursday, January 3, 2013

Be Mine

Back in the fall I received a Restoration Hardware catalog in the mail...I love catalogs...and this one is gorgeous...and huge! However, the items are so pricey, that its not really even a good dream book...I don't dream of $20,000 couches, just regular ole Pottery Barn couches are good enough for my dreams. And even those are out of my reach, as every stick of furniture in my house is a reclaimed castoff....quite a bit from the roadside. I looked through this Restoration Hardware several times, but it quickly went to the bottom of my catalog dream stack.
So during my after Christmas cleanup, I came across it, and started to toss it...but I just couldn't. I mean this book is huge, I just thought, "Wow, I wonder what can I do with all this paper?" The pictures are beautiful, but actually quite artsy, mostly greys and whites, {I guess there isn't much color needed when you have a lot of "green"}. As I thumbed through the catalog, I decided I would use the paper in some of my Valentines, going for a simple glam look, with the black, grey, and pages as backgrounds and red glitter accents.
Here is my first project, a "Be Mine" Banner created with the catalog paper cut into 2 1/2 inch by 11 inch strips and accordion folded...each rosette takes 2 strips of paper glued together end to end, when you push it down flat this rosette forms, then just simply hot glue the center to hold it together.  I then used red glitter glue all around the edges, and red glitter letters....{the "e" letters were green glitter, I just re-glittered them red to match}
This was an easy project, very easy on time and product...I have tons of black and white paper...I am maybe 4 sheets of paper shy of being on a Hoarder reality show! But because I am not working and therefore not craft shopping, I am hording all my "good paper" lol.
My next project, is something I saw on Pinterest...a banner made with cards and red ribbons!


  1. What a darling project. You're not the only one who can't afford a 2000 dollar couch!

    1. Thank you!I guess its good I can't...I would be sick when my boys poked a hole in it is, I'm like "Well, another little hole won't hurt the couch!"


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