Thursday, July 4, 2013

Crafty Cards

I am having a great time playing with all my reorganized craft supplies...

Last week, I blogged about about paper and supplies I have hoarded {here}, waiting the perfect craft project to come along before I cut the paper, and use the supplies...because when you find a really cute paper or embellishment, once they're used that's it...they can't usually be found again because lines are discontinued to make way for new products.

So here are a few cards I have made...I really like making cards because they are the perfect size...a scrapbook page is too intimidating, even when I have a good plan, finding a picture, cropping it just right, etc...well it's all just too much!

These first four are children's cards

Now here are a few Masculine cards

A few for next Valentines Day

Pretty Girly cards...they are the most fun to create

Happy July 4th!


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