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Vintage Photo Christmas Ornament Tutorial

I love vintage pictures...old postcards...cabinet cards...

Vintage Photograph Christmas Ornament

I love vintage photographs, don't you? Recently, I found a few sweet old photos of my mother and grandmother...the picture above is of my grandmother and her two younger cousins....I decided they would make perfect vintage photo Christmas ornaments, and below I will share how simple the process is...

Supply List

 Vintage photos or black and white photos
Cardboard or foam board
Glitter Glue
Trim, lace, ribbon, etc
Old book print sentiment words
Foam brush
Hot glue/gun

  •  Make copies of your photographs...if you don't have vintage photos, just print out your fave recent photos in black and white

Here you see my sheet of photos I printed from my computer...I simply scanned the photograph, saved it, then printed the sheet windows editor (I don't have photo shop or anything fancy) you can make different size copies, such as one 8x10, two 5x7, etc...these are 3x4, and I also printed out a page that are smaller with 9 on the page.
I cut the pictures with my craft paper trimmer, but scissors would work just as well, because the tinsel will hide imperfections on the edges.

  • Glue the photo onto your backing and let dry

I used old cardboard on these in the post, but currently I am using foam board {from my sons old science project poster}...because I ran out of cardboard. Chipboard would also work fine.

  • Add glittery edge

Now really this step is optional. I happen to love glitter, and my boys are used to glitter all over everything, so I had a great time glittering...First I lightly brushed silver glitter glue {the cheap kind from the children's craft section at Michael's} all around the edges with a foam brush...

and while the stuff was still sticky, I dusted it with more this picture I used a large silver glitter, but currently I am experimenting with light pinks and blues...Now set the piece aside and allow to dry...when dry shake excess glitter off

  • Embellish with gewgaws and add old book print sentiment

This is the fun part! I am using old bits and pieces of ribbon, buttons, and pearl trim I have had forever...embellish to your hearts desire
I collect old books, so finding book print words or sentiments is not a problem for me...but if you can't bear to cut up a book, then you can simply print your desired sentiment on the computer

  • Trim the edges with tinsel

I used a glue gun to attach the tinsel...On this example, I am using regular sized Christmas tree tinsel, but further below you will see on some I used smaller tinsel trim. I tried to be neat and just lay a small bead of glue along the edge, and then simply layed the tinsel down on it, not caring really which way the tinsel was twisted...

  • Add wire hanger

I used old wire, so I don't have the gauge, but any will do, as long as you can bend it some...ribbon would do well here too...I just poked a hole in each upper corner {forming a loop}, slipped the wire in from the front, with about two inches sticking out the back, and simply pinched the wire upwards, wrapping the back piece around the wire loop and then pinched the wire so it would lay flat against the back.       {The picture above is my mother at about age 3}


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    1. I am tickled to be featured! Grabbed your button too!
      Right now I am digging thru old photos now to make some more!

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  3. These are so sweet. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you Isabelle! I had such fun making them and they are sweet on our tree! I am your newest follower!

  5. Hi I love this ornament and I saw it at isabelle Thornton Le Chateau party. You were featured there and congrats!
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle


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