Monday, January 20, 2014

Valentine Frame Tutorial

School's in full swing, baseball season's starting soon, 
our dog had puppies last's about to get crazy here!

So lets get to this cute project I saw on Pinterest... 
you can find it here at Michaels...


Wooden Craft Frame...$1 at Michaels
Sponge craft paint brushes
White and Red acrylic paint
Optional: Heidi Swap sunburst stencil


1. Give the frame 2 basecoats of red...let dry

2. Using straight edge {or cheat like I did with the stencil} mark
 your sunburst pattern. Designate a focal point for the sunburst flare, 
making freehanding easier.

3. Using a dry brush technique, paint white areas of sunburst, let dry

4. Rub with small amount of brown glaze to antique

Black board and chalk is so popular,I decided to paint one with chalkboard paint.
Using white chalk for the sunburst, I finished with a
very light coat of hairspray to somewhat preserve the chalk.

Sorry my frames are empty...printer is out of ink!



  1. Hi Paula! Wonderful little frames! I find that these are a gift anyone enjoys getting. The best decorating accents are the faces of loved ones looking at you no matter what room you're in!
    I'm a Bloglovin follower! Looking forward to seeing more of your creative work!


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