Friday, August 10, 2012

A New Journey

Introducing a new weekly feature

 LifeSimply Journaling

Each week I will be posting a topic of Inspiration and Technique for Art Journaling, and posting pictures of my art journaling.

Everyone can participate at home, and each week post your link in the comment section so we can share ideas and our work.

I have never been one to keep up a sketchbook or journal, I just never seem to have the darn thing when I want to draw or jot down an idea...rather I have doodles, ideas, plans, etc all over napkins, school notebooks, old envelopes...well you get the idea, I'm a tad unorganised...

Most recently, I have found several inspiring blogs related to Art Journaling. Donna Downey and Balzer Designs .
This summer I have been creating with my Aunt Jane, we have similar interests in art and creating. She really inspired me to take a closer look at maintaining a journal/sketch book. Jane belongs to a group that creates and exchanges "molies" ...What is a "Molie" you ask...

Well, a molie is a moleskine sketchbook. Jane's group decides a basic theme, and a timeline...then they begin mailing the molies to each other in order, and each person creates a part, transitioning from the previous artist to their new part...At the end each is returned to the owner, and the result is a beautiful, unique book made just for that person.

Well, although I love the idea, and result of a molie...Its just not for me...I am too unorganized, I'd probably lose one, or postpone mailing the item and get everyone upset! (Procrastination is my middle name)

Of course, you all know I love Pinterest {see my Mixed Media Board here}...and I have been curating pictures of mixed media art for a while now...being off this summer has allowed me time to look behind the pin, see the blog and read about what, why, and how people are making all this beautiful, inspiring art.

I think I have found an inspiring way to get my journal on! Not too much pressure, a place to try new ideas, products, and practice collage art.

I hope you will explore art journaling along with me!

 1st week the Inspiration is "Family"

I have chosen to write about my relationship with my Mother and Grandmother. The pictures above are from the journal. I am starting my journal in an altered book {a project started and never finished}, first doing fun backgrounds on several pages, and then I will go back and add pictures and my thoughts and memories. Some of the actual journaling will be covered up with other media, because I intend this journaling to be expressive, rather than something that will read like a diary.

1st Week Technique is "Bookprint"

Because this was a book, I am leaving some of the print uncovered...this page is about making a doll house and furniture out of found objects around the house, which is something we did when I was a child.

Another way I am using bookprint, is printing a strip of "photo booth" pictures onto the bookprint and using it on this collage page

These were taken when I was about 12 yrs old, and I don't think they are terribly flattering {lol} but...printed over the book print, I really like them!

I love to read, and I love old books. The prints on this page are from books I found at Goodwill, an old sewing book, a copy of Popular Mechanics, an old hymnal, and a cheap copy of The Three Musketeers. At first, I felt guilty cutting up the old books, but then hey, I rescued them from Goodwill, and I love the art I create with them, so I figure they are being loved in a different way now.

One tip I have learned using old print in my work, is that plain ole Elmers school glue works best to adhere the book pages to my art. Matte Medium and Modge Podge are expensive, and don't give as nice a finish on the really old print.

Post your links in the comment section so I can see what type of Art Journaling and Mixed Media projects you are doing!



  1. I love that you are doing this. Hopefully it will inspire me to do some of my own. I've started many times but never continue past a few days. I'm going to keep up with you and admire your artist adventure.

    1. Great! Thank you so much for your support Aunt Jane

  2. Cool techniques.
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina


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