Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Week 2 of LifeSimply Art Journaling

Here are a few of my Completed Art Journal Pages

This page started out with a layer of gesso, pink and green acrylic, and the bubble wrap for texture...I love bubble wrap!

I added washi tape, stencils in black ink, rub on's, chip board letters, and text.

This page started out with a gesso base, then Glimmer Mists {a pink and silver} were sprayed over the background. I then added pink, red, and white acrylic paint, hand drawn black marker doodles, washi tape, collage items, and hand lettering along with stamps and rub on lettering...I also added a picture of my Mother and I.


So for Week 2 {a little late} our Inspiration

 is "Back To School" with a simple Crayon Resist Technique

 My kiddos are already back in school, and most everyone will be in school within the next 2 we are all out bargain hunting for new school supplies.
While you are are snapping up those bargains, pick up a few new items for yourself to use in this weeks inspiration and technique.

 Because for this week, I will be using an ordinary white crayon to make a really cool background for my next page.

I love a new box of crayons

On this page I simple made a grid, using a stiff piece of craft paper as a guide, with a white crayon...I went over each line several times...them brushed away the flakes of crayon that are left when you press hard...

I then sprayed the page heavily with Glimmer Mist...and let it dry.

You can see that the crayon lines resisted the mist, and saturated the squares inside the crayon lines. And because it was Glimmer mist, it left behind iridescent spots also...however, you don't have to use Glimmer Mist, that's what I had within reach...watercolors, or thinned acrylic works well also.

I am having fun with my journal, making a few "mistakes"...
I got really messy with my red paint and managed to get on pages I had not intended too...but ya know, I just let it go and added red to all the pages...see above, the red splotched on top and bottom, so added the red circles on the left bottom...

There is no right or wrong with Art Journaling!




  1. I love this! You are so creative and talented! I'm so glad I can follow all your projects on this blog. :)

  2. Hello my friend, Wow you are amazing, I think your work is so professional and beautiful. I will be watching your blog from now on. Take care and keep designing all the fantastic work. Ciao Ciao

    1. Great techniques and instructions. This is what blogging is all about: your projects and how you did them with all your personality through it all.


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