Friday, August 31, 2012

Mini Art Journal

The start of this school semester started with a bang!
I found this cute mini composition notebook at Target, while shopping for school supplies
It is sitting on a regular sheet of notebook paper, so you can see how small it really is.
Since I couldn't resist buying a couple, I decide could use it
 to jot down reminders of assignments, to-do lists etc...
But I also found it makes a realy great pocket art journal!

And for those of you who know me can see in the background real school work...
so I am only doodling between classes, lol, see I know what yall were thinking...

This page is a little bland, but it has alot of journaling...I decided to keep it simple and just utilize pen or pencil...I considered trying to prepare the pages and spray them with colorful inks... 

But, that just seemed like alot of work for such a small booklet, and besides, by then I had already started to scribble lists and notes inside...above is the school supply list for one of my high-schoolers.

On this day it was raining...lucky for me, ALL my classes are in one building!

I like this page the best...
as I was waiting for class to begin, sipping my coffee,
 I thought of my son Evan...we stop at the corner store every morning
 and he gets my coffee for me so I dont have to get out!

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  1. I have one of these to take on the go. I did some collage on the front just to make it look prettier. They are so cute and portable!


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