Saturday, March 24, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame....

The ballpark opening day was wonderful! This is Franks first time to play ball, and he had a great time...he got a walk to 1st base, then stole all the way to home! Way to go!
 A confession: out of 6 boys, Frank is the only one to play baseball. All of the others couldn't play because I had to work 12 hour shift work, it was just impossible to get them to practices or games. You know you just do what you have to do...I dont think they hold it against me.
 Frank was just thrilled with the whole process, the uniform, the parking, the long wait at the concession stand, the heat and sweat...and I am so proud for him!
Franks first time up to bat.

Frank with his oldest brother, Nick, who (along with Danielle and Autumn below) came out to see Franks
first game.

A very happy little boy, eating pizza after a well played game!

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