Friday, January 6, 2012


My name is Paula. I reached the birthday milestone of 50 this past summer, and since then I have given quite a bit of thought to my me, my accomplishments, and what I would like to accomplish in my next 50 years.
Therefore, I decided to make some changes to improve myself, my life, and my family life. This blog will follow my journey through these changes: simplifying, creating, repurposing!
 I plan to make a complete clean sweep through my home, ridding us of unwanted stuff, donating it to charity. Hopefully, repurposing items rather than buy new. Goal: a clear place in the closet for the vacum cleaner! I know some of the items will end up in my craft room to be re-used in mixed media projects I have planned. (My youngest son and I are hoarding cardboard boxes to make cardboard castles...we saw a few really cool ones on Pinterest)
 Also, I have decided to repurpose my RN for twenty years, but I enrolled in college for this spring semester to pursue a degree in Speech Pathology. I can see myself already, competing for space at the dining room table with my kids to do homework!

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