Saturday, January 7, 2012

Green Onions!

Well, a couple of weeks ago on Pinterest, I saw that you could just stick the discarded green onion root tips in water and they would grow new green onions...well I knew to put green onions in a glass of water to keep them fresh longer...but I didn't think whole new ones would grow.
 My boys and I decided to try it out, on Christmas day I made a huge pot of gumbo, which left a plethora of green onion we stuck a few in water...and look at our window sill green onion garden!

Above the onions you can see the sweet paper bird mobile I made.  The birds are Big Shot die cuts out of leftover scraps of my fave scrapbooking paper, My Minds Eye...they hang on bakers twine from a regular ole stick outta my yard (I painted the stick white)

The birds also match the christmas ornaments I made this year...but I think I will leave the bird mobile hanging, when I put away my christmas decorations. I also made cute bird mobiles for my grandchildren, bright hues for Tristan, and pink and yellow birds for Autumn! Sorry I didn't take pictures of those.

I love to make stuff with paper and print is a favorite just now, almost all the patterns I seem to choose have print on them...I also hunt out old books and use those images, I look for books that are I dont have to feel guilty about destroying them.

Valentines day will be upon us soon, so today I will be packing up all my christmas/holiday themed art items, and cleaning my desktop so I can begin creating Valentines! So gotta go now and get busy, but will post todays project later...after cleaning I am making old frames into message boards with chicken wire!

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