Saturday, January 7, 2012

Craft Room Clean Up

Well I did get around to cleaning up my craft room today...boy it was a mess! Actually the room is a shared space, I have two walls for my craft stuff and desk...and two walls are taken by my two youngest sons toys, plus they get the floor space (what little floor space there is).
 Here are the before pix:

 As you can see its a mess, all through the holidaze I completely ignored this room...My wonderful computer and printer were buried under junk, scraps and supplies were jumbled all around, toys were strewn seemed as if the lego container had exploded...

 Years ago, my two middle sons shared this room, and we started a redecorating project by painting 2 walls black chalkboard paint and two walls dark red...well its a little garish, but I erased the childrens scribbles, and wrote on the chalkboard walls myself, so now I kinda like it.
 We also added a super desk all across one whole oldest son Nick built it...the kids never appreciated it, but I love it. I added book shelves on each end for storage, and I have storage underneath also. I could use better lighting, but during the day its fine because I have a window directly in front of my work space.

 I added an idea - inspiration board also...actually this wall area was never painted with chalkboard paint because my son, Joe, had used huge screws to attach a bulletin board...and rather than destroy the board that he loved, I painted around it. Eventually the board was destroyed, so today I decided to pin up some of my favorite papers, etc...

 I went through all my rag bags (ie...all the boys clothes unfit for even Goodwill) and collected all the buttons (!), I love buttons, and saved several nice plaids and whites to re-purpose into banner-pennants.
 I put away all my christmas themed supplies, and now with my space so clean I am just itching to get back to creating!

 I have been slowly collecting fabric that catches my eye for a few years now...which is funny because truly I am a terrible seamstress, and terribly hard on sewing machines! I can make plain curtains when I really put my mind to it, and simple blankets, but thats about all.
 But fabric just calls my name! Recently, my youngest sons classmate brought a huge box of fabric samples discarded from a furniture store for anyone...Naturally, I couldn't resist, and brought home a big stack...I am not sure what I want to do with them yet, I have in mind to make a soft purse/bag out of a few pieces...
 For right now I guess I will just keep rearranging and re-organizing the swatches!


  1. Great job! This reminds me a little of my space, although most days almost everything is buried in mine and I lack a cool chalk board wall :)

  2. Your space looks cozy and perfect for many fun crafty hours!
    I'm impressed by the table built by your son! As for the fabrics, I'm sure they'll serve you well. I have made eco- chic journals with discarded samples like yours... you can see them in my blog (just type"Eco- chic Journals" in the search for gadget on the sidebar). There's an article in an old Green Craft magazine on how I made them, too.
    Hafe fun, keep crafting!


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