Monday, January 9, 2012

Will You Be My Valentine?

Well my creative juices are flowing once again, now that I have cleaned my crafty space...I have been making Valentines out of leftover scrapbooking and book-print paper, wax paper, thread, ribbon, and a little bit of glitter...oh and a couple of rub-ons also.
 I saw something similiar on , one was from and the other was from I have used their general idea, but put my twist on it!

Here's a pix of mine...

It is a heart cut out of "My Minds Eye" paper, with a rub on "love" by Glitz, and a sweet little stamped tattoo type bird by Pink Persimmon Stamps....all samwiched togther between two pieces of wax paper cut with pinking shears...I thought I could just iron the wax paper and it would stick together...but that didn't work, so I hand stitched the wax paper together with light pink floss.
 Now, I am going to have to investigate why this wax paper didn't melt and stick together...I know you have to get the right sides together... but many years ago, way back in my Brownie days, we used to collect leaves, flowers and such, and iron them between wax paper...and presto! it would stick...hmmm

 Anyway, from there I went to brown paper hearts (I found a huge roll of brown paper when I cleaned out my craft space closet! Imagine that...) I stitched them together with a little stuffing inside...See below:

This one has "My Minds Eye" ribbon, and the cute little ticket, the word sticker (that you cant see very well) says "remember" and is from The Girls Paperie.

 Here are some more I am working on...

 I think my next trip to the craft store , I will pick up a bottle of essential oil in a yummy fragrence, and put a few drops on the padding, to make the hearts little sachets!
 I will also be making some of these boy themed, I have some Cosmo Cricket paper and rub-ons that will look really cute!

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  1. Hi there!

    Thanks for visiting and following my little spot of blogland. I chuckled when I read your sidebar poll on "who loves fabric"! I DO!! I have a stash of beautiful fabrics in a vintage chest. I am not a seamstress, but I couldn't resist buying all those wonderful pieces of real art! I am following you back! Have a blessed evening.



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