Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tie Dye Experiment...

While going through my rag-bag last weekend, I came across a smock top that I had loved, but it was ruined with bleach stains...(I clean with bleach alot...boys and dogs, need I say more?)
 I pulled it out to save, thinking I could use the crochet part on a craft project...however, as mentioned in the last post, I am going back to school, and really need clothes to wear since my wardrobe consists of mostly scrubs...So I decide to try a tie-dye type project on the shirt, see if I could salvage it enough for summer campus wear...
Here is a before pix, see the bleached section:
I mixed 1 part bleach and 2 parts water in a spray bottle. I then used hair bands to tie up sections of the cloth.
I then placed the shirt on the shower floor, and sprayed it with the bleach mixture, not too wet, so it didn't soak into the tied up parts. Then I immediately rinsed with cold water....
So I liked this (the back looks a little better than the front) so I threw it in the washer...
So what do you think? Better, but I am wondering, should I do it again to get a bolder contrast in a few more areas?
 Even so, I don't think its campus wear, but likely I will start wearing it around the house again.

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  1. SO, I know, it's been a while since you posted that, what did you eventually decide to do? I think it does look nice the way it is, but I do agree, it might look even better with another go... By the way, I love colourful and tie-died clothes.... :)


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